ZH-CR75-12 Receiver Card

Maximum support 512*384 pixels. 12 groups of 75 onboard interfaces.
1,?support?conventional?chip?high?refresh,?high?grey?intensity,?high?brightness; 2,?new?gray?engine,?low?gray?performs?better; 3,?receiving?card?has?75?interface,?reducing?connecti
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Control System Parameters

sending equipment

ZH series sending card / asynchronous play box/Gigabit Ethernet

single card control area

Maximum support 512*384 pixels.

single wire cascade card number

Up to 65536.

parameter read back

Support configuration file read back.

synchronization between the cards

 Realized nanosecond synchronization between the cards .Strictly synchronize between the receiving cards, camera shooting no dislocation.

 variety of test pattern

Receiving card test modules, slash, gray, red, green, blue, bright and so on test modes, support cable fault detection.

online upgrade

If the the receiving card program of display need upgrade, can be upgraded without detached the receiving card from the big screen.

Display Effect

refresh rate of conventional chips

Usual manner and high refresh mode,make the refresh rate  multiplied.

serial frequency


gray scale

Maximum 65536 levels gray scale.

gray compensation characteristics

Each gray level has independent compensation, support lamp light when gray level is 1 level.

LED  Module Compatibility

chips support

Conventional chip, PWM chip,  lighting chip etc. all mainstream LED driver chips.

scan type

Arbitrary scan types between static and 1/32 scan.

Compatible Device and Interface Types

 communication distance

UTP≤140M,CAT6≤170M,, no limitation for optical fiber line.

compatible transmission equipment

Gigabit switches, Gigabit Ethernet optical fiber transceiver, Gigabit fiber switch.

DC power supply interface

Wiring terminal, support DC3.3V~6V.

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