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ZH-EBox-200 belongs to full color series poster LED display control system, its functions are as follows: 

1. Support synchronous selection, asynchronous selection and automatic selection;

2. Adopt the same refresh technology as synchronous receiving card, with the advantages of high refresh, high gray and high brightness of receiving card ;

3. Support cascading receiving cards, support any size screen;

4. Support access to Internet management such as 3G/4G/Wi-Fi;

5. Support HD video hard decoding;

6. Support video and picture directly display of U disk/TF card;

7. Adopt the sending card + receiving card structure, the screen adjustment method is compatible with full color, which is convenient and quick;

8. Support remote cluster release management system;

9. Support temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, PM2.5, dust, noise, smoke sensor;

10. Support weather forecast.


System Parameters:


Dual-core A9, 1.8GHz

Operation System

Android 4.4

System Internal Storage




Control Area


Maximum Width: 1920Maximum Height:1280


Support Resolution


800*6001024*5121280*4001366*3801536*340,  1600*3201920*270


Communication Port:

1. TF card port, support external expansion of storage space (optional);

2. Support WiFi hotspots;

3. Support U disk port;

4. Support 100M network;

5. Support server cluster;

6. Support 3G/4G (optional).


LED Load Parameters:

1. Support multi-poster LED screen synchronous display;

2. Supports one network port cascading receiving card, interface maximum support 1024*512 pixel control range.

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