Manager Speech

Dear friends,

  Today, firstly I express my appreciation to the brothers and sisters those who work with me all the time. Your wisdom and effort make Zhengzhou Zhonghang develop better. Your obscurity achievements create the maturity and glory.  Here I express my deep thanks to you. Thanks for your persistence. Thanks for your selfless devotion !

  Zhengzhou Zhonghang started our business from producing LED display. With the support and help of all circles of friends and the efforts of our staff, our company has achieved remarkable  results after more than one year’s struggle. During the process of development, we kept up with the pace of times and transferred our business into LED display control system’s research, sales and service. Today, Zhengzhou Zhonghang Software Co., LTD ZH series control system finally achieve success and step into market. How can we get this excellent result? It’s related to the high sense of responsibility and mission of every employee and the spirit of diligence and effort.

  In the following time, we will continue to promote the spirit of Zhengzhou Zhonghang enterprise, keep innovation, credibility and integrity, and constantly striving for perfection; our colleagues should also keep tacit coordination, mutual acceptance, learning others’ strong points and making up own weak points, endeavor together, and pulling together in the time of trouble. In this way, we can become a strong battle fortress, and on the road of creating the brand “Zhonghang”, we can overcome all kinds of difficulties and get very good results. Finally, we will use our first class technology, first class quality, first class service, first class management, first class reputation, and first class achievements to make our brand “Zhonghang” become famous all over the world.

  In the end, I hope sincerely that everybody can work happily and has a good future in our company.

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